“The way we move reflects the way we think. The way we think reflects the way we live. The way we live reflects the world we create.”

–Kancho Cameron Shayne


We use the Martial Arts in the developmental areas of emotion and movement. Along with the ability to defend oneself, Martial Arts brings to the surface many underdeveloped areas in the student from physical weakness to unresolved emotional fears. There are numerous philosophical Martial Arts principles applied and taught in regard to self awareness, leadership, and service that apply to all areas of development.
The Yogic work is used both physically and philosophically as a way to identify and heal emotional and physical injuries. We teach primarily Yoga posture (Hatha Yoga) with no emphasis on yoga as an expression of religious theology.
We ultimately use the Yogic and Martial Arts as a way to measure the students physical and emotional growth throughout the course. Each system serves to elevate the student to peak physical and mental condition as well as teaching practical self defense.

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Primal Movement

Gold Gorilla

We teach animal locomotion and other natural movement patterns to retrain your body, mind and spirit to remember how you were born to move. This method, not only builds strength, flexibility and body awareness, it also heals old movement patterns and translates into long term health in your everyday life.

Budokon Yoga

Gold Yogi

Budokon Yoga focuses on slow controlled movement and transitions. It is a strong physical practice that is more circular, developing body awareness, range of motion and functional strength.

Martial Arts

Gold Martial Artist

In the DC Budokon Academy, we focus on Self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts. We teach stand up striking, no-gi jiu jitsu and between range with wrestling, knees and elbows.
Our Self Defense system, will build you from the ground up, with not only well rounded techniques, but also preparing you psychologically to be your strongest, fittest self.

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